4/5 Port Solenoid Valve SYJ


• Low-profile cassette type with baseless structure

• Takes up minimal space with a body width of 7.5 mm (SJ2000) or 10 mm (SJ3000).

• Combination of the SJ2000 and the SJ3000 is possible.

• A multi-pin connector makes it easy to add or subtract stations or to exchange valves.

• One side solenoid

• 4 position, dual 3 port specifications available

• Manifold type No.: SS5J2, SS5J3


Flow characteristics


cylinder size




4/2 → 3/5 (A/B → E)

C [dm3/(s·bar)] b Cv

SJ2000 0.36 0.13 0.08 ø20 0.55 (Standard)

0.23 (With power saving circuit)

SJ3000 0.56 0.11 0.12 ø25 0.4 (Standard)

0.15 (With power saving circuit)


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