Air Cylinder JCM/JCDM

・Overall length shortened by up to 97 mm
・Weight reduced by up to 54% (0.69 kg→0.32 kg)
・Various cover types are available.
・Port sizes: M5 and Rc1/8
・Male and female rod ends are available.
・With auto switch (JCDM series: JCDM)

PDF download Air Cylinder JCM/JCDM


Type Series Action Bore size (mm)
Standard JCM Double acting single rod 20,25,32,40


■Various cover types available

Direct mounting is possible.

■Port size: M5 and Rc NPT1/8

With M5 port, the overall length is maximum 13 mm shorter (for ø20).

■Male and female rod ends

Male and female threads available.

■New mounting band for auto switch

Mounting height approx. 8 mm shorter

Mounting height shortened

Improved visibility of indicator LED

There are no parts near the indicator LED, so visibility is improved.

Improved mounting workability

To mount the auto switch, simply insert it and position it correctly.


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