Air Cylinder: Standard Type Double Acting, Single Rod CG1

Product Code: CG1 1334626936-CG1


C(D)G1-Z, Double Acting, Single Rod, Air Cylinder,

Series CG1 single rod, double acting air cylinder has 8 bore sizes and can meet any application need. The tube is impact extruded aluminum to produce an extraordinarily smooth finish, allow low break-away pressure and smooth stroke action. Various mounting bracket options are available. Female piston rod threads are available as a standard option. Auto switch capable.

  • Female rod end available as standard.
  • Bore sizes: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100
  • Easy fine adjustment of auto switch position
  • No trunnion mounting female thread
  • Various mounting bracket options


  Female rod end available as standard

Rod end styles suitable for the application can be selected.

■Various mounting bracket options
  • Suitable mounting brackets can be selected for the installation condition.
  • Improved amount of mounting freedom
■Easy fine adjustment of auto switch position

Fine adjustment of the auto switch set position can be performed by loosening the auto switch attached screw. Operability improved compared with the conventional auto switch set position adjustment, where the complete switch mounting band requires loosening.

Transparent switch bracket improves visibility of indicator LED.

No trunnion mounting female thread added to basic type variation

No foreign matter accumulation due to the simple construction

■Direct mount, non-rotating rod type (CG1KR-Z) is added.
■The models with rod end bracket and/or pivot bracket part numbers are expanded.
  • CG1-Z (Single acting), CG1K-Z, CG1R-Z, CG1KR-Z, CG1Y-Z
■Part numbers with rod end bracket and/or pivot bracket available

Not necessary to order a bracket for the applicable cylinder separately

Note) Mounting bracket is shipped together with the product, but not assembled.

■No environmental hazardous substances used

Compliant with EU RoHS directive. Lead free bushing is used as sliding material.

■Specifications, performance and mounting method are same as the existing product.
■Grease is selectable. (Option)
  • Grease for food processing equipment (XC85)
  • PTFE grease (X446)
■Water resistant compact auto switch now available
  • Solid state auto switch D-M9□A(V)

Stroke Variations

∗ For details about the clean series, refer to the WEB catalog.

Series Variations


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