Old Booster Regulator Series VBA10- VAB11-VBA20-VBA40-VBA43



Series VBA

Pressure Drop? Pressure not enough? Repair and New Unit supply for the booster regulator, We accept trade in old booster for environmental green support with term n condition purchase. For Malaysia market Only.

Booster Regulators can allow you to supply higher pressure air to a device without the cost of operating your entire system at the pressure. Easy to install with no electrical requirement, they are ideal for remote locations or additional to existing machines. Three models are available, and the two larger sizes have been improved for extended life (up to 2x the current models), lower noise, and enhanced performance. Improvements include grease grooves for lubricant retention, floating assemblies for oscillating components, inlet strainers, improved bumpers to reduce valve noise, the addition of a high noise reduction muffler option, and a new tube design to aid in heat transfer and reduce outlet condensation. Outlet pressure is controlled either via an integral regulator or a remote air pressure signal. All models can be directly connected to a storage tank by a port in the base, further simplifying installation.

  • Increases Main Line Pressure
  • Compact Design
  • Protects Downstream Equipment from Pressure Fluctuation
  • Increases the power of actuator without changing to a larger cylinder
  • No need for electrical input
Applicable Industries :
* Automotive/Heavy Vehicle * Electronic/Semiconductor * Food/Beverage * Forestry/Paper Products * High – Purity *    Material Handling
* Packaging * Petroleum/Chemical * Steel * Textile


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