The Industrial Crane Buffers are self-contained, maintenance free and are designed for the emergency deceleration of heavy industrial cranes. The primary oil seals are protected inside the main body and only a wiper seal is necessary on the piston rod. Dirt or contamination on the piston rod does not cause oil leakage or failure as is often the case with conventional buffers. The integrated gas chamber enables the CB Series crane buffers to provide return forces of up 63kN. This high return force is necessary for multiple-bridge cranes where the buffers must separate the bridges after an emergency collision. Normal buffers would remain compressed after such a collision and would not be capable of accepting further impacts. The robust, large dimensioned piston rod bearing system, is designed for very heavy duty use and is equivalent to that used in other buffers 80% larger in size. The CB series units are custom orifice to suit your specific application and provide a smooth constant deceleration throughout their complete stroke length.


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