Compact Cylinder/Compact Type CQS/CDQS

Product Code: CQS/CDQS Compact Cylinder/Compact Type


Compact Cylinder/Compact Type CQS/CDQS

・With this compact square type cylinder, auto switch mounting on 3 or
4 sides is possible.
This compact cylinder does not protrude from the body when mounting
an auto switch.
・Newly added compact type foot brackets and double clevis pivot bracket
・With auto switch (CDQS series: CDQS, CDQSW, CDQSK, CDQSKW,


Type Series Action Bore size (mm)
Standard CQS Double acting single rod 12,16,20,25
Standard CQS Single acting (Spring return/extend) 12,16,20,25
Standard CQSW Double acting double rod 12,16,20,25
Non-rotating piston rod CQSK Double acting single rod 12,16,20,25
Non-rotating piston rod CQSKW Double acting double rod 12,16,20,25
Anti-lateral load CQS□S Double acting single rod 12,16,20,25


■Ideal for machine designs with small space requirements

The “D-M9” auto switch will not protrude from switch mounting groove.

■Square body shape gives you  flexibility for designing machine

Cross-section of a cylinder tube is the same configuration regardless of w/ switch or w/o switch.

■Auto switch mounting allows for  flexible designing requirements

3 faces on ø12, ø16, and all 4 faces including port side on ø20, ø25.

■2 way basic mounting:  Through-hole or both ends tapped

Basic mounting is 2 way. You can choose either through-hole or both ends tapped mounting.

■Non-rotating accuracy Non-rotating rod

Hexagonal cross sectional shape piston rod for high non-rotation accuracy.
ø12, ø16 ̶ ±1°
ø20, ø25 ̶ ±0.7°


■Reduction of installation space

Compact foot bracket

  • Compact foot bracket has the same width as the cylinder.
    Overall width reduced by up to 43% (for ø12)

More compact installation space possible

  • Short pitch mounting is possible.
  • Allows installation close against a wall.

Height from the bottom of brac

kets to the center of a cylinder is the same as the existing model.


■Reduction in labor for design

Added pivot brackets for double clevis.

Rotating angle: Max. 100°(For ø12, ø16)

  • Time to design rotating bracket saved.
  • Improved amount of mounting freedom.
  • Can be mounted to an installed double clevis cylinder.




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