Heavy Industrial Shock Absorber


This complete the range of adjustable shock absorber which now cover an effective weight ranging from 0.3kg up to 200,000kg.
In comparison with the earlier SAHS range the new A2 has 70% and the new A3 has 25% higher capacity.

Material : Steel body with black oxide finish. Piston rod high tensile steel, hardened and chrome plated. Return spring zinc plated to avoid reducing heat dissipation do not paint.


Deceleration of heavy loads and progressive adjustment

Energy capacity 32,000 in-lbs./Cycle to 210,000 in-lbs./Cycle
Stroke 2.00 in to 10.00 in

Strong and adjustable: Also in our product range of units are adjustable heavy duty industrial shock absorbers. The models from the A1½ to 3 range, which weighs between 16.6 lbs. and 78.3 lbs. (7.55 and 35.5 kg), are extremely robust, ready-to-install hydraulic machine components with impressively high energy absorption levels and a wide range of damping rates.

Their special aspect is the flexibility, as all the absorbers can be adjusted using a socket on the absorber base and be perfectly adapted to the application. The A models cover a range of effective weights from 429 lbs. to 449,743 lbs. (195 to 204,000 kg) and can absorb up to 389,433 in-lbs. (44,000 Nm) energy.

These heavy duty, adjustable industrial shock absorbers are the first choice in heavy duty applications and generally in heavy industrial machining design when the usage data has not been exactly determined.


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