SC² – Series


The Heavyweight Series 2 are maintenance-free, self-contained hydraulic components.

The design of the Heavyweight Series 2 units combines the piston and inner tube into a single component and provides more than double the energy capacity of previous units in the same envelope size.

Industrial Shock Absorber

Miniature Shock Absorbers SC²-Series

  • Safe and reliable production
  • High service life of the machine
  • Lightweight and low cost construction
  • Low operating costs
  • Quiet and economic machines
  • Low machine load
  • Increased profits
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SC²/ series


  • Self-compensating hydraulic and smooth contact shock-absorbers.
  • A combination of a piston and internal casing forming one single element that provides over twice as much power capacity than other SC models.
  • Over 200% increase in energy capacity.
  • Ideal for a wide range of handling equipment and rotary actuators.
  • The small models up to Series SC² -190 include a “rolling” type seal that enables them to be introduced in a pneumatic cylinder at pressures up to 7 bar.
  • Effective weight between 0.7 kg. and 6,350 kg.


  • Safety applications.
  • Emergency applications.


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