Stainless Steel Gas Springs – Push Type GS-8-V4A to GS-40-VA



As well as its very extensive range of standard adjustable force gas springs ACE can offer a wide range of stainless steel gas springs. These are manufactured in 304(V2A) stainless steel in sizes from Ø 15mm to Ø 70mm outer body diameter. Furthermore this high quality stainless finish is available in all stroke lengths and force levels on request. The associated end fittings such as clevis forks, ball joints and swivel eyes etc. are also available in 304(V2A) stainless for all model sizes. ACE Gas Springs are used on a wide variety of applications to control lifting or lowering of loads. Through their unique properties of being corrosion resistant and non magnetic these stainless springs are the preferred choice for medical, pharmaceutical, food, industry and marine applications. –

GS-8-V4A to GS-40-VA

With food grade oil for FDA compliance

Valve Technology, Stainless Steel
Force range 6 lbs. to 1,124 lbs.
Stroke 0.79 in to 27.56 in

Protection against corrosion and superior visual appearance for even more sophisticated requirements: based on ACE’s industrial gas springs GS-8 to 40 made of steel, these models combine all advantages of stainless steel: they look great and are rust free. They are filled with food-grade oil as standard, which conforms to the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 178.3570.

These ACE gas springs not only look good, they are also available in various stroke lengths and extension forces. A comprehensive range of accessories in stainless steel guarantees easy assembly and a broad range of uses.

ACE stainless steel industrial gas springs are used in the automotive sector, in industrial applications, automation and machine building and medical clean room technology as well as in the food, electronics and shipbuilding industries.


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