Trimmer Auto Switch D1


Trimmer Auto Switch D1

・Easily distinguish workpieces with a single auto switch
・Minimum detectable adjustment width: 0.5 mm
・Applicable to the short stroke cylinder
The detection of the extended and retracted end
positions can be made by a single auto switch.
This switch can be used when two auto switches
cannot be mounted due to a short stroke.



D-*K, Sensor for Trimmer Auto Switch

Trimmer auto switches can detect various size work pieces by the difference of more than 0.5mm. The sensor enclosure is rated IP67 and the amplifier is IP40. Trimmer switches are available in direct or rail mounting styles. The sensor and amplifier can be connected without restriction through the use of an e-con connector.

  • Sensor unit for trimmer switch
  • Rail or groove mounting
  • IP67 enclosure
  • Operation display:  red light turns ON at sensitive position; green lights ON at optimum detecting position
  • Electrical entry:  grommet


■One auto switch allows work pieces to be distinguished easily.

■Applicable to the short stroke cylinder.

Only one auto switch can detect the extended and retracted end positions.
This switch can be used when two auto switches cannot be mounted due to short stroke.


For checking height of a workpiece

For checking depth of the machined hole


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