Colored “Blue” to identify the contents for Compressed Air and Vacuum this is the proven system that has been installed in over 5,000 sites.air_proAir pipe




Colored “Blue” to identify the contents for Compressed Air and Vacuum this is the proven system that has been installed in over 5,000 sites.

More and more users of compressed air pipe systems are acknowledging the importance of providing serviced air to their pneumatic equipment. Air which is free from moisture and contaminants and delivered in the right quantity will ultimately extend the life of their equipment and reduce expensive repair or replacement costs which is why Air-Pro should be included in your design criteria for achieving successful results.

The superior qualities of Air-Pro

  • Provides a reduction of 40% infrictional losses over steel
  • Re-Locatable, Re-Useable and 100% Re-cyclable
  • Requires no periodical painting or labeling.
  • provides the highest level of sealing efficiency. Reduced cycle time of compressors, pumps and ancillary equipment eliminates product loss and provides energy cost savings.
  • System is 3-4 times quicker to install than traditional materials with modifications and changes undertaken in minutes.


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