Mini Free Mount Cylinder CUJ/CDUJ


Compact Air Cylinders

Mini Free Mount Cylinder CUJ/CDUJ
・Space saving: Total length reduced by 64% and capacity
by 70% (Compared to the CU series)
・With auto switch (CDUJ series: CDUJ)
Type Series Action Bore size (mm)
Standard CUJ Double acting single rod 4,6,8,10,12,16,20
Standard CUJ Single acting (Spring return) 4,6,8,10,12,16,20


■Minimum body

Full length is shortened by up to approx. 20%.
Volume is reduced by up to approx. 45%.

(Compared with the CQS series cylinders, double acting, with magnet)

Full length is shortened by up to approx. 64%.
Volume is reduced by up to approx. 70%.

(Compared with the CU series cylinders, double acting, without magnet)

■Concentrates wiring and piping on one side

Allows more efficient installation, since four directions can be used freely.

■Allows installation from four directions(ø4 to ø10)

■With counterbore for mounting (ø12 to ø20)

2 kinds of bodies are available.
There is no protrusion for a mounting bolt.

■Two auto switches can be installed even for a 4 mm stroke.*

* ø12 to ø20 are available starting from a 5 mm stroke.

■Easy seal replacement

Seals can be replaced easily by just removing the rod cover (ø4 to ø10) or retaining ring (ø12 to ø20).

■With boss (h9) (ø4~ø10)

Centering can be done easily.

■Clean room compliant
Clean Series (except ø4)

Series 10-CUJ/11-CUJ

■Standard equipment with damper (ø12 to ø20)

■RoHS compliant

Short pitch mounting is possible.

■Lowering the center of gravity when using an external guide


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