SAFE-STRIP bundles hose lines again and again. It is produced from polypropylene and has Velcro® -brand fasteners. The buckle is stainless steel. Maximum force of Safe-Strip is average of 1500 N.

At request this product is also available with a mounting hole.

Safe-Strip is available for hose bundles of diameter
max: 70mm, 100mm, 125mm, 155mm and 180mm



When you handle long and/or heavy hoses, you should always fasten them together to make the handling easier and safer. Mounting of spirals on a hose bundle can be done much quicker if the hoses a tied together. Safe-Strip bundling straps are convenient for multi-hose bundles and can be used over and over again.

There are three different types of Safe-Strips:

  • Safe-Strip with Velcro fasteners and a mounting eyelet
  • Safe-Strip with Velcro fasteners, but without a mounting eyelet
  • Safe-Strip with a quick-release buckle

Safe-Strips with or without a mounting eyelet are produced from polypropylene and have Velcro® -brand fasteners. Breaking strength of Safe-Strips is average 3 200 N. The buckle is stainless steel and the width of the band 40 mm.

Sales unit for Safe-Strip with Velcro fasteners is 10 pcs / size.

Third type of Safe-Strip is equipped with a quick-release buckle. The width of the band is 25 mm and it is also woven with a blue Safe-Strip text. Great advantage of our straps is the taper cut edge for much easier threading into buckle which make this product very user-friendly. There is also a loop to hold the band end.

Sales unit for Safe-Strip with buckle is 25 pcs / size.

Safe-Strip Features

  • produced from hard-wearing polypropylene
  • “Safe-Strip” text is woven with blue yarn
  • temperature range from -40° C to +80° C
  • tailor-made lengths available on request
  • possible to have with the customer name, logo and / or color – MOQ apply

Note: plastic cables ties should not be used to bundle hydraulic hoses, because they may wear out the hose surface.


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