Gentle Safe-Sleeve



Gentle Safety Sleeve

Gentle Safe-Sleeve protects people near-by a breaking hose.

Easy-to-install, textile Safe-Sleeve is produced from polypropylene which is very hard-wearing and recyclable. In general, polypropylene endures acids and alkalis.

Gentle Safe-Sleeve

Our standard type textile GENTLE SAFE-SLEEVE is produced from polypropylene which is very hard-wearing and recyclable.

Polypropylene endures acids and alkali well.


– protect people near-by a breaking hose
– protect hydraulic hoses from abrasion
– offer an economical and safe choice for hose protection
– material fully recyclable
– tolerate both freeze and heat

GENTLE SAFE-SLEEVE protects people near-by a breaking hose (is pin hole-approved). European standard EN ISO 3457 states that hydraulic hoses must be protected in following cases:

– operating pressure exceeds 5 MPa (=50 bar) or
– temperature exceeds 60°C and
– the hoses are in common operating place within 1 meter range from the operator and in case of hose breakage the direct fluid spray may reach the operator

In addition, the protectors must be strong enough to stop, spread or turn the fluid from directly hitting the operator once the hose breaks. Standards
EN 12999 and EN 4413 also contain protection demands for hose assemblies. Our Gentle Safe-Sleeve fulfills these demands!

It is recommended to choose a size which is a few millimeters larger than the hose to improve protection and make mounting easier. Whether there is a coupling already installed also affects the eligible size. Please see our recommendations.

Abrasion resistance of GENTLE SAFE-SLEEVE is excellent (tested to standard SFS-EN ISO 12947-3: minimal mass loss). This makes it a very good hose protector, as well. The recommended temperature range is from -40°C to +80°C. GENTLE SAFE-SLEEVE is UV-protected (lasts at least 120 kLy) and according to UV-aging tests the UV-ageing did not have a significant effect on the tensile properties or the color of the Gentle Safe-sleeve. GENTLE SAFE-SLEEVE has low conductivity of electricity

Black, no printing.

50m / roll.


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