Gentle Flex-Spiral



Gentle spirals are produced from High-Density Polyethylene by extrusion. All spirals have rounded edges and a durable construction. Spirals protect hydraulic and pneumatic hoses without damaging them. HDPE is recyclable material and therefore less harmful to environment.


Gentle Flex-Spiral  –  More Flexibility

Flex-Spirals are produced by the same method (extrusion) and of the same raw material (HD PE) as Safe-Spirals. This gives Flex-Spirals equally high quality features and the same profile with naturally round edges and durable construction. This product is developed to protect different types of hoses and electric cables and it offers a more flexible and easy-to-install option for hose protection.

Gentle Flex-Spirals have a thinner wall and narrower pitch than Gentle Safe-Spirals. Thanks to these features the mounting of Flex-Spiral is easier and it can be recommended for applications where easy installation is more important than heavy protection.

Gentle Flex-Spirals are:

– resistant to acids, oils and solvents
– UV-protected
– are made from HDPE plastic
– recommended temperature range is from -50°C up to +80°C (continuous) / 100°C (short time)
– recyclable

Nominal Outer Diameters

20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm

See technical details

Available only in coils:
20 – 50mm 25m
75mm 20m


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